Let off steam in Morden Hall Park

Children hanging from trees in Morden Hall Park

Morden Hall Park is loved by generations and the last owner Mr Hatfeild threw parties for local school children. We’ve some great places to play in the park today too. Don’t miss our natural play area or our carved storyboat for some imaginative play. If you fancy a coffee, the kids will love the eco dolls house near the Stable yard café or our activity boards outside the Potting shed café.

Natural play area

Just past the white bridge this exciting area is just waiting for you to come and play. Take the zip wire challenge, build a den, swing on the ropes or balance on the logs. 

Potting shed café

Just outside the café your little ones can have fun exploring seasonal food with our activity boards.  Can you make rhubarb rain or see if you are as tall as the runner beans? If you look over the fence into the little garden you can be inspired to start growing your own.  Our friendly team in the garden centre can help you find everything that you need. 


If you’ve got great imagination, discover our carved wooden storyboat near the stable yard, pretend it’s a pirate ship or cruise liner on a round the world trip. To let off more steam, challenge your family to play ‘Eels out’, you’ll find the rules on a board there. 

Stable yard

Step inside our stable yard and find our eco dolls house.  Great fun to play with and you might discover some ways you can be more green in your home too.  If you visit the information room there are some more ideas you can pick up to have fun in the park. 

Garden centre

Head outside in the garden centre and have a play with our beautifully designed playhouses, you might even be tempted to buy your own. We even have fairies living at the bottom of the garden, can you find them?

Meadows and parkland

Our meadows are huge, best to stay out of the wildflowers but the gardeners keep big patches of it mown short. If the sun is shining bring your balls, rackets or Frisbees and spend a few hours of fun playing games together. When it’s windy the meadows are a great place to fly a kite. Even the wet weather can be fun, out on those wellies and jump in the muddy puddles.