Morden Hall Park BioBlitz 2019

Volunteers showing a boy a creature on vegetation during Morden Hall Park BioBlitz 2017

Each year the Morden Hall Park team runs a BioBlitz event. This brings our staff, volunteers, visiting experts and visitors together to record as many different species of animal, plant and fungus as possible over a set period of time. Participants' records help us understand where wildlife lives in the park, so we can better look after it.

BioBlitz 2019

Mark your calendars: Morden Hall Park BioBlitz 2019 promises to be even better than last year's record-breaking event. From 10am on Friday 31 May to 4pm on Saturday 1 June, become a wildlife explorer and discover what’s living right on your doorstep by joining in at Morden Hall Park.

Our team of experienced naturalists and wildlife watchers need your help to find and identify as many different species of birds, bugs, plants and beasties as possible before the clock runs out. Just like in a real scientific expedition, all findings will be documented and passed on to local and national databases that monitor our local wildlife.

With interactive activities for kids, grown-ups, beginners and experts alike, there is something for everyone at BioBlitz.

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A perfect match
Bioblitz bug identification
A perfect match

BioBlitz 2017

2017's BioBlitz at Morden Hall Park was our longest recording period ever, beginning at 8.30pm on Friday 2 June with an amphibian walk, and ending at 4pm on Sunday 4 June—43.5 hours of busy identifying and recording!

All the data was logged online, with 246 different species recorded from a total of 448 records. The species data recorded will help show how the park's habitats are supporting the diverse range of species that our team is trying to encourage. This information assists with managing the park better for wildlife in general, and for any rare species that have been identified.

The species counted this year probably represent less than a quarter of the different species actually present in the park. The Nature Group also surveys and monitors species groups throughout the year; you can find out more about this on the Nature Group page.

Thank you to the much appreciated volunteers, exhibitors and visitors who helped to find and record all the animals, plants and other living things within the park. Exhibitors included The Living Wandle Landscape Partnership, Surrey Bird Club, RSPB, Surrey Bat Group and Sustainable Merton.