Morden Hall Park Nature Group

Grey heron by waterwheel at Morden Hall Park

We are a group of adult volunteers that are passionate about nature. We run species surveys and walks to record the wildlife that lives in the park.

We survey wildlife, hold monthly open meetings, run events and meet regularly on Sundays to walk through the park. Contact us to find out more or to apply to join us as a Nature Group volunteer.


We run butterfly surveys in the park from April to September each year. These take place weekly, and are weather-permitting. Our results indicate how butterflies are doing here in the park, and we submit them to a national record so that they contribute to understanding why many species of butterflies are in decline across the UK. 

We follow a survey methodology based on the UK Butterfly Monitoring Scheme, following a set route called a transect. You can view our transect map here:

Morden Hall Park butterfly transect map (PDF / 3.8MB) download

Riverfly Monitoring

Each month we survey our allocated site on the River Wandle as part of the Riverfly Monitoring Initiative, in partnership with the Wandle Piscators. Following a set method, we record mayflies and caddisflies, which are pollution indictator species. This is a national recording scheme, and locally the data is used to monitor the health of the river that flows through the park. 


We also undertake a monthly morning walk along a set route, recording all the birds that we see and hear. These results are submitted to the British Trust for Orinithology (BTO). We also record one-off (incidental) sightings. 


On some warm summer evenings we set up light traps out in the park to catch moths, and we then record the species found. 


When we see dragonflies and damselflies out in the park these are recorded and sent to local dragonfly recorders. We also find a number of species in our nearby wildlife Watermeads. We hope to see lots more in Morden Hall Park now there is a large pond beside our boardwalk

Monthly meetings

We hold open meetings once a month on the third Thursday at 7pm in the Snuff Mill. These give us an opportunity to discuss recent surveys, sightings and dicuss involvement in park conservation work and events. 


Lots of events that take place in the park have nature as a focus, and the Nature Group team often gets involved to show the wildlife of the park to its visitors. One of our biggest nature-themed events is our BioBlitz at the end of May half term. During this special event we record as many species in the park as possible over a set time, with the help of visiting experts and our visitors.