Our suppliers at Lanhydrock Nursery

Lanhydrock Head Gardener Tommy Teagle inspects nursery plants at for Morden Hall Park Garden Centre

If you spend much time looking at labels in the Garden Centre at Morden Hall Park, you’ll notice the name 'Lanhydrock' comes up a lot. This is because we source many of our plants from the National Trust nurseries at Lanhydrock, Cornwall.

The nurseries started out in the mid-1800s in much the same way as our Garden Centre; as a kitchen garden for the main house. The National Trust took on the house in the 1950s, and appointed a full-time head gardener in 1966. The nurseries originally supplied plants for the gardens, but expanded to the point where they were sending plants to other properties. They now grow plants for 38 National Trust properties and shops, across the South of England.

Lanhydrock sends around 5,000 plants a year to Morden Hall Park Garden Centre alone. Those plants cover the whole range of shrubs, fruit trees, herbaceous perennials, and ericaceous plants. Morden Hall Park, in particular, requests a large number of roses, and most of these are grown at Lanhydrock. They will also cultivate new plants to order, such as the fantastic-smelling Nemesia Wisley Vanilla that we sell.

Come to the Garden Centre at just the right time, and be overwhelmed by our Nemesia Wisley Vanilla.
Nemesia Wisley Vanilla at Morden Hall Park Garden Centre
Come to the Garden Centre at just the right time, and be overwhelmed by our Nemesia Wisley Vanilla.

You could ask why a Garden Centre in London gets plants from a nursery in Cornwall. In an ideal world, Morden Hall Park would source all of our plants from nurseries much closer to home. Most of our stock is sourced in this way. However, this is part of the trade-off we are forced to make in order to secure peat-free plants. On the plus side, the nursery at Lanhydrock finds ways to mitigate against this. For example, they will take shipments to multiple properties at once, and resupply at the Melksham depot on their way back.

One of the most important things to remember is that, when you buy a plant grown at Lanhydrock, your money will go right back to the Trust. This means that we can do more to protect the places you love.