Outdoor plants at Morden Hall Park

A view of Morden Hall Park Garden Centre's outdoor plant area

At Morden Hall Park Garden Centre, our outdoor plants take pride of place. We have lots of unusual varieties to suit any garden. What’s more, we’re championing a sustainable peat-free policy. The National Trust uses peat-free plants in its gardens, and now we're helping you to do the same.

Morden Hall Park Garden Centre is a seasonal garden centre. We work with UK nurseries that grow their plants hardy without reliance on artificially heated greenhouses. So when you come to us to buy your plants, you know you are making a sustainable choice.

Herbaceous perennials

Say goodbye to piles of plastic pots when you buy your herbaceous perennials from Morden Hall Park Garden Centre. We stock plants from the Hairy Pot Plant Company in coir pots, ready to plant straight into the ground for the roots to grow through or to peel off and compost.


If you are looking for a low-maintenance way to bring colour to your garden, our range of shrubs could be just what you need. From old favourites to unusual specimen plants, we have lots of choice in all shapes and sizes. And if you can’t find what you’re looking for, just ask a member of staff.

Enjoy the peaceful setting at Morden Hall Park Garden Centre
A rose in the foreground of a view over the plant area at Morden Hall Park Garden Centre
Enjoy the peaceful setting at Morden Hall Park Garden Centre


Our roses are cultivated at our own National Trust nurseries in Lanhydrock, Cornwall, or grown by trusted specialists. We are supplied with many varieties of rose by David Austin Roses and with heritage varieties by family-run enterprise Trevor White Old Fashioned Roses. Our broad range includes hybrid teas, climbers, ramblers and floribunda, all of them grown peat-free.


Raised at Lanhydrock, we have some beautiful little 9cm alpines to ornament your rockery garden.


We have an extensive collection of ornamental and fruiting trees, the majority of which come from Frank P Matthews ‘Trees for Life’ based in rural Worcestershire. Among others we have stone fruit trees, heritage apple varieties, kiwi fruit and mulberry trees.

Fruit trees bursting into blossom at Morden Hall Park Garden Centre
Crab apple blossom
Fruit trees bursting into blossom at Morden Hall Park Garden Centre

Shady plants

Do you have a tricky shaded spot you can’t work out what to do with? In our shade house we have many eye-catching plants that will thrive away from direct sunlight. Hardy ferns from specialist growers Country Garden Plant Sales are well worth considering.


Climbing plants can provide a stunning display while covering up walls and fences and can add interest to established trees. They are also an attractive way to provide shade, trained over a pergola. We have a good range of clematis, wisteria, jasmines, honeysuckles and more.

Grow your own

Tempted to grow your own? Come and ask our knowledgeable staff for advice on growing soft fruit bushes, vegetable plants, seeds, seed potatoes and herbs.

Our outdoor plants can vary throughout the year. If you’d like to find out about our stock before your visit, please contact us on 0208 545 2371. You can also talk to any of our expert staff around the Garden Centre, and they will be happy to help.