Snap up your seed potatoes at Morden Hall Park Garden Centre

A handful of seed potatoes

Grow your own chips or mash from scratch this year starting with quality seed potatoes, now available for a limited time at Morden Hall Park Garden Centre.

These scrumptious spuds come to us courtesy of Taylors Bulbs, a fourth-generation family business in Lincolnshire. From old-fashioned first and second early favourites like Red Duke of York to versatile maincrop options like Desiree, or why not try something unusual, such as Salad Blue. There are 17 delectable varieties to interest both first-time and experienced gardeners.

Few things are more rewarding than growing, harvesting and eating your own fresh and tasty produce. But don’t delay—our sought-after seed potatoes have sold out quickly in past years. Stop by the Garden Centre today to chat with friendly and knowledgeable staff and pick the right potato for your needs.

How to grow potatoes

Buy seed potatoes from late winter onwards and allow them to sprout shoots (chit) indoors before they are planted outside.

The potatoes are ready to plant when the shoots are about 3cm (1in) long. On early potatoes, remove the weakest shoots leaving the four strongest shoots.

There are two main varieties of potato, early and manicrop. Early, or ‘New Poatatoes’ are the earliest to crop, and are harvested in June, with second earlies harvested a few weeks after. Maincrop potatoes take the longest to grow and are harvested between the end of July and September. 


Potatoes need a sunny site away from frost as new foliage is susceptible to frost damage in April and May.

Plant first earlies in late March, second earlies from early to mid-April and maincrops in mid- to late April

Dig a narrow trench, around 12cm/5in" deep. Space the the seed tubers 30cm/12" apart for earlies and 37cm/15" for maincrop varieties, repeat this, planting in rows 60cm/24" apart for earlies and 75cm/30" apart for maincrop varieties.

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