Stableyard Gallery: Working Progress by Sarahjane England

Sarahjane England print

Working Progress is Sarahjane England’s first contemporary exhibition displaying a series of contemporary mixed media paintings, monoprints prints and relief prints. This exhibition is a free event and runs from 5 November to 29 November 2018. Open daily from 10am to 4pm.

Sarahjane has been exploring different ideas to create her first solo exhibition: The importance of taking inspiration from the outside world and looking at how designers and creative people get inspiration from natural world to produce their artwork. Also thinking about the joy of being outside and the importance of allowing yourself to unwind, reboot and reflect.

Every colour used in this exhibition has been seen by Sarahjane in Morden Hall Park over a year of visiting the park. Nature plays an important part in her art practice taking inspiration from colours found outside.

A print by Sarahjane England for her solo exhibition
A print by Sarahjane England for her solo exhibition
A print by Sarahjane England for her solo exhibition

This exhibition is a Working Progress reflecting on the importance of self-improvement, having fun and taking care of your surroundings.

About the artist

Sarahjane England graduated with a Distinction in MA Art and Space from Kingston University, along with an undergraduate degree in BA (Hons) Fine Art. Since graduating she has continued to have an interest in fine art and exploring the spaces of where items get placed visually, visiting London art galleries, fairs, National Trust properties, museums and other public areas.

Sarahjane England was born in Devon. She has spent most of her childhood either outside down at the beach, in the countryside or indoors drawing.

She moved to London to study Fine Art and has now lived in London for a few years, yet her love for London is in strong juxtaposition to her love for the countryside.

She has exhibited in a number of art galleries including the Stanley Picker Gallery, X Marks the Bökship, The Spanish Barn. She has won a number of competitions over the years.

For more information about Sarahjane England:
Instagram: Sarahjane_England_Artist


Twitter: @ArtSarahjane

About the Gallery

The Stableyard Gallery is a glass-fronted, airy exhibition space with café situated within Morden Hall Park. Exhibitions are staged here from local and community groups.

If you are a local artist or community group and would like to apply to hold an exhibition in the Stableyard Gallery, please email Volunteer Exhibition Co-ordinator