The Terrace at Morden Hall Park Garden Centre

A view from Morden Hall Park Garden Centre's terrace

We have opened up the terrace at the garden centre. Come and enjoy this riverside sun trap as you choose sun-loving plants and eye-catching sculpture for your garden.

The plants

Step out of the doors and you’ll be greeted by a wealth of colour and scent. We have filled the terrace with colourful bedding plants and sun-loving favourites like French lavender and rosemary

Our herbs have been grown by the Hairy Pot Plant Company and are eco-friendly, sustainable and ethically produced in hairy coir pots in a peat free compost, which means you can quite simply dig a hole and plant them, pot and all.

The sculpture

Hand crafted recycled metal sculptures by Zimbabwean company Zimbolic offer an eye-catching contrast to the lush greenery on and around the terrace. Look out too for the elegant and striking rusted iron flowers by Ascalon.

Zimbolic’s artists create bird and wildlife sculptures from recycled metal oil drums and add a glossy lacquer finish. The artists are provided with stable employment and a safe workshop environment.

Look out for the iron flowers
Iron flower sculptures on the terrace at Morden Hall Park Garden Centre
Look out for the iron flowers

The setting

Set within the tranquil confines of the historic walled kitchen garden, Morden Hall Park Garden Centre is run by the National Trust with profits going back to support the Trust’s conservation work.

Originally intended to take the water to where it was needed in the kitchen garden, the River Wandle flows alongside the terrace and through the middle of the garden centre in a man-made channel and is now home to thriving populations of wildlife.