What you'll find at Morden Hall Park Garden Centre

Morden Hall Park is a National Trust Garden Centre. That means you’ll find exactly what you need here, as well as a team of obliging staff who will help you look.

A view of Morden Hall Park Garden Centre's outdoor plant area

Outdoor plants 

The heart of any garden is its plants. Whatever your plot is like, you can find the right greenery at Morden Hall Park. Our range includes all the trees, bushes, shrubs, herbs and flowers you could want. Most would be at home in a National Trust estate garden.

An ornamental bird cage among bay trees

Pots and ornaments 

Your garden just wouldn't be complete without them. Morden Hall Park Garden Centre stocks a good range of pots, growing frames and garden ornaments. Get a garden that does what you want it to.

Get gardening supplies at Morden Hall Park

Gardening supplies 

It’s hard to get stuck in when you don’t have the right tools for the job. Whether you just need a regular shovel, or something more specialised, at Morden Hall Park Garden Centre we stock a wide selection of garden equipment.

Outdoor supplies at Morden Hall Park

Outdoor living 

A garden is no good if you're admiring it through a window. Our range of outdoor equipment will help you get outside and enjoy yourself. If you want something to cook with outdoors, somewhere to sit and admire the view, or you like to be out in all weathers, we've got you covered.

Kids with bird spotting binoculars at Morden Hall Park Garden Centre

Kids toys and supplies 

Kids need plenty to occupy them, even on a day out. At Morden Hall Park, we've got plenty for little ones to do, whether they're helping in the garden, playing in the park, or burying themselves in a book.

Three bags of bird seed at Morden Hall Park garden centre

Animal care 

Chirp, woof or purr, the animals in our lives bring us closer to nature. Morden Hall Park’s range of products will help them feel at home in our company. Whether they are garden visitors, or family pets, you'll find something for your furred and feathered friends.

Kitchen utensils and hardware at Morden Hall Park Garden Centre

Gifts and homeware 

If you’re looking for a present for someone close, look no further. At Morden Hall Park Garden Centre we stock a broad array of quality gifts, as well as books, foods, and household items. When those seasonal holidays roll around, we'll be right here.