Education Workshops at Birmingham Back to Backs

Published : 18 Oct 2016 Last update : 23 Jan 2017

For the school age visitor, we hold workshops in the mornings of Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday during school terms for teachers to bring along their classes to get some hands on experience of life in a Back to Back.

With a team of dedicated volunteers, the Back to Backs give school children a few hours in the Victorian era or the Second World War to find out how children of their age and their families would have lived if they were alive during those times. It will help add some reality to what your children are learning in class.

We have workshops designed for key stage one and key stage two children. 
We have the following:

  • Homes from the past (KS1)
  • Victorians (KS2)
  • World War One (KS2)
  • World War Two (KS2)
" Excellent child friendly, interactive and filled with active learning"
- Daylesford School

The workshops

Each workshop involves dressing up in the children in clothing of the time, followed by fire-lighting session and a tour of the houses. During the tour, children will get a hands on look at the way they would have lived. To end the session, the children will take part in activities, from cleaning and washing to digging for victory to give them more of taste of everyday life. For a “day in the life” of our workshops, please watch the video you will find at the top of the page.

If you’re interested in our workshops and would like more information or to book one for your class, please contact our Senior Visitor Experience Officer by email or calling 0121 622 2442.