Old House Farm - tenant wanted

Old House Farm, Derbyshire

We are starting the search for someone enthusiastic, innovative and highly motivated to work with us to manage Old House Farm in the upper Derwent Valley in the Peak District National Park.

As part of the National Trust’s  mission to restore a healthy and beautiful natural environment, our vision for Old House Farm is of it leading the way in conservation through upland farming as well as being a viable business and part of the local community.

The farmhouse at Old House Farm
The farmhouse at Old House Farm, Derbyshire in the snow
The farmhouse at Old House Farm

The land

Old House Farm consists of a farmhouse and buildings as well as substantial areas of moorland. 
The land the farm stands in is recognised for its nature conservation importance including bird species like golden plover, merlin, and short-eared owl and habitats like blanket bog, heath and woodland.

The land is a catchment for water for the reservoir
View of Derwent reservoir from Old House Farm, Derbyshire
The land is a catchment for water for the reservoir

The land is also important as catchment for the supply of drinking water to many people and management of flood risk; 

Pathways across the farm provide walking access for people to the wilder parts of the National Park. 

The future

" We want to find someone who is willing and able to bring new ideas and approaches to the conservation work we want to achieve at Old House Farm and to really push it to the next level for everyone’s benefit."
- Jon Stewart General Manager, Peak District National Trust

Our goal is to work with a farmer to see grasslands vibrant with a diversity of wild flowers, waxcap fungi and birds such as twite, skylark, meadow pipit and curlew. 

The moors we create together will be a mosaic of heather, bilberry, crowberry and cowberry supporting breeding red grouse, golden plover, short-eared owl, merlin and hen harrier.  

Moorland and woods form part of the farm
A copse of woods in snowy fields in the Peak District
Moorland and woods form part of the farm

As a resuly visitors will enjoy walks across the farm as well as being inspired and learning about nature and the management crucial to its wellbeing.  

The farmed produce will be valued and enjoyed for its quality and the role livestock plays in caring for our first National Park.

The Person

If you've got lots of ideas and a passion for farming and would like to work with the National Trust to develop a new approach to upland farming then please get in touch, we'd love to hear from you.

Old House Farm farmhouse, Derbyshire in the snow

Becoming a tenant  

Full details of Old house farm and the tenancy oportunities