Dog Walking At Oxburgh Hall

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At Oxburgh we appreciate that many of you would like to enjoy our garden and woodlands with your canine companion so throughout 2016, on a trial basis, dogs will be welcome at Oxburgh Hall.

Where can dogs go?

Dogs are welcome throughout the gardens and woodland, though at all times they must be kept on a short lead and under control (including the car park). This is because there is plenty of wildlife at Oxburgh, such as birds and small deer.

In the summer months when The Pantry cafe is open you will be able to enjoy a drink and something to eat with your dog. When the Pantry is closed, dogs will be welcome in the Servants Hall tea-room. Dog bowls are available outside of this.


Where can dogs not go?

Please do not go on the circular walk between My Lady's Wood and Home Covert. This field belongs to our neighbour who does not wish for dogs to walk there. Please make sure to avoid the Parterre as the box hedges are quite fragile. Dogs are also not able to go inside the House.

Please note that we encourage you to take your dog waste home with you. We have a beautiful place here and are trying to reduce the impact of bins.

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For more details, our Dog Walking Guide is available to read below

Dog Walking Guide (PDF / 0.2099609375MB) download

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