Learning at Oxburgh Hall

Schoolchildren on the rooftop

There are a variety of activities, indoors and out, to suit everyone. From replica artifact handling to dressing up, a visit to Oxburgh brings history alive. The extensive grounds are a great place to get closer to nature. Why not try bug hunting or pond dipping?

What we offer

We have a wide range of exciting experiences with guided and self-guided activities on offer from February to October. The programme is suitable for all ages and can be tailored to your requirements to ensure you have an inspiring visit.

" The girls had a lovely time and didn't want to leave! We will come back and spend longer next time."
- Glebe House School

Tailor your visit

Choose from our list of activities. Those based around the House include:

Oxburgh Hall

Delve into the past of this moated Tudor manor house. Discover its secrets, including hidden doors and a priest’s hole. Find the signatures and seals of Kings and Queens. See how a family home changes over time, ending up in the Tudor bedroom of Elizabeth of York.

Towers and Turrets

Discover the defensive features of a fortified Tudor manor house. Learn about the purpose of the moat; murder holes; ancient oak gates, with their spy hole and the tower battlements.  Climb the spiral stairs to visit the King's and Queen’s chambers.

Domestic Life 

Handle artefacts from spoons to bleeding bowls! Who would have owned them? What are they made from?  What were they used for? Was being a Tudor really so different? What were the differences between rich  and poor? 

Discover what it was like to be a beggar, blacksmith or milkmaid
School children in Tudor dress.

Costume (for ages 7-11)

Discover what it was like to be a beggar, blacksmith or milkmaid.  Who wore the trousers? Did children dress the same as today? Find out how your wealth and status determined what you could wear and what life was like in Tudor England.

Tudor Portraits

Learn about the language of portraits and pictures of the Tudor period. Investigate the role of symbolism; why people had pictures painted and how they often looked completely different from real life! Then use these signs and symbols to create your own star about who you really are.

Document Seals

Look at the purpose and use of seals in Tudor times, before the invention of envelopes and stamps. Discover where the ink came from and what pens were made from. Learn about all the different types of seals.  How they were used and their significance and make a clay one to take home.

Climb into the Priest's Hole and experience what it would have been like for a Tudor priest
School children in the Priest's Hole


Or why not try some of our outdoor activities?


Study a woodland habitat. Investigate and identify the trees and plants. Discover the age and height of a tree and its mini-beast inhabitants. Use all your senses to understand this secret place! This activity is only available from May to September.

Kitchen Garden

See what is growing in the kitchen garden. Various activities may include digging, planting and harvesting. Take cuttings, one to plant for Oxburgh and one to take one home in your own paper plant pot. (The activities vary and change according to the season).


Study a watery habitat by pond dipping and learn about the creatures that live there. Find out about food chains and how different invertebrates depend on each other for survival. This activity is only available from May to September.

Study a watery habitat by pond dipping and learn about the creatures that live there
Children Pond Dipping


Fees and costs

For Educational Group Members (EGM) of the National Trust, entry is free. If not EGM, all students and accompanying adults pay group rate entry fees.

Activity sessions are charged per pupil and include all equipment and materials.

" My favourite part was when we put on the Tudor costumes and took a picture in them, and also when we looked at water insects in pond dipping."
- Charlie, from Beeston School

How to book

To make a booking, or for more information, please get in touch with our Learning Officer, Amanda Sheard:

Telephone 01366 327247 or E-mail Amanda.Sheard@nationaltrust.org.uk