Secrets and Secluded Spots at Oxburgh Hall

A view of the Hall from Home Covert

Oxburgh Hall holds many surprises in the Hall and Estate for anyone with a keen eye and adventurous spirit. Secrets to find and secluded spots for peaceful contemplation or spending time with family and friends.

Oxburgh Hall has always been a place of many secrets. Forced to hide their Catholic faith during an age of persecution, the family remained faithful, sheltering Jesuit priests from anti-Catholic search parties in priest holes in the Hall. Ultimately, capture could have led to execution. Over the years many more unique features added to the sense of Oxburgh being a home of many secrets. Nowadays, most of them are here for you to find.

A House of Many Secrets

Many see Oxburgh as a secret rural retreat in its own right. The Estate has many secluded spots to while away the hours in peace with or without family and friends. Discover them all in a day!

Escape the crowds around Oxburgh's estate

Birdseye view of Oxburgh

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Oxburgh Hall's roof is in need of urgent repair. Our roof tiles, timbers and brickwork are showing signs of aging; we’re not surprised, they’re well over 500 years old