Snowdrops at Oxburgh

Snowdrops outside Oxburgh Hall.

A winter walk wouldn't be complete without snowdrops. Enjoy snowdrop season at Oxburgh throughout February with snowdrop walks given by one of our garden team.

Snowdrops are now on display at Oxburgh throughout February. Snowdrops have inspired artists and folklore for centuries. Shakespeare celebrated them as a happy reminder of the end of winter, yet others feared them as a harbinger of death! We like to think of them as a symbol of nature's commitment to giving us something beautiful during the cold winter months. Just like Goldilocks, our snowdrops have waited until conditions were 'just right', before appearing.  There's no better excuse to take a winter walk than searching for snowdrops, amongst the trees and along the paths throughout Oxburgh's wooded areas and gardens.  Specially for the season, our garden team will be giving snowdrop talks, and are ready to answer your questions on anything snowdrops, from planting tips to interesting snowdrop facts (see opening times and our what's on sections for further details). Our tea room will be open for warming comfort food and hot drinks too.

Did you know?

Snowdrops have especially hardened tips so that they can push through snow, and that they contain natural anti-freeze? - The perfect winter flower!