'50 things to do before you're 11¾' at Petworth

Climb a tree

With 700 acres to explore, Petworth offers the ideal chance to tick off some of your '50 things to do before you’re 11¾.' Come dressed for the outdoors, bring your curiosity and an appetite for adventure.


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Spend some wild time outdoors in the park by climbing a huge hill, try flying your kite at the top then have a go at rolling back down again. We have loads of trees that are perfect for climbing or exploring inside the hollows and they are great for a game of hide and seek.
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A few of our favourite 50 things activities:

No.1 Get to know a tree
Can you find our giant trees? Some of them have huge spaces that you can walk into so you can see what it feels like to be inside a tree. How many people can you fit in there?
No.4 Build a den
Head to the Woodland Walk in the Pleasure Ground and grab some sticks and soft leaves to make your own den - all you need is your own imagination.
No.7 Fly a kite
With over 700 acres to explore, our parkland is a great open space to fly a kite. There's lots of room to get a good running start and launch your kite into the air.
No.12 Have fun with sticks
The Pleasure Ground has lots of twists and turns. Maybe you can make a trail of sticks so others can find where you are?
No.18 Create some wild art
What can you find to make into a wild art piece? Don’t forget to take a photo of your work to keep as a memory and share with us online.
No.31 Make friends with a bug
Petworth Park is teeming with bugs of all shapes and sizes. Look out for beetles, spiders and larvae under stones and fallen branches. Don't forget to put them back in their homes once you've looked at them.
No.44 Watch a bird
There are plenty of birds living in our ancient trees. How many can you spot?