Art Adventurer Backpacks at Petworth

Art Adventurer backpacks resting on a tree at Petworth

With art supplies at the ready explore the Petworth landscape and be inspired by what you see. Put pen to paper and create your very own masterpiece to rival those in the mansion.

Explore the Petworth landscape just as Turner did and borrow an Art Adventurer backpack filled with art supplies to put your own views and adventures of Petworth to paper.

Perfect to get younger visitors exploring the outdoors and engrossed in the landscape of the Pleasure Grounds and Park, children can recreate the rolling hills of Petworth on paper or capture burst of colour and the first blooms of spring.

You could always sit beneath a tree and copy the intricate features of the Petworth deer or follow the frame of the Petworth mansion.

For added inspiration visit the mansion, included in your entry, and see the paintings of Petworth that you could reimagine. 

Collect a free Art Adventurer backpack from the Car Park Reception for a small refundable deposit from 22 July to 3 September.