Autumn colour at Petworth House and Park

Rotunda at Petworth

Petworth Park is dotted with several ancient trees that have stood proudly in the park, some for over 1,000 years. In autumn they come to life with bold colours of russet and gold as the leaves fall from the trees.

The enclosed woodland walk of the Pleasure Ground becomes a riot of colour and an excellent place to hear the crunch of leaves underfoot whilst coming across some panoramic views of the South Downs framed by the historic monuments of the Doric Temple and the Ionic Rotunda.

From October and November another colourful scene to encounter is the deer rut where you may see the males in our herd of fallow deer compete for a mate.

Venture to the new Servants' Quarters flower bed for an autumnal dispay designed by Lady Egremont featuring bold dahlias and striking kniphofia.

For those interested in fungi, stroll out into the deer park. The flat area between the house and the pond is an excellent place to find mushrooms.

Petworth House and Park deer

Autumn walking at Petworth House and Park

With 700 acres to explore, there are endless opportunities for walking at Petworth. In autumn enjoy the striking russet and gold of the leaves from the ancient and veteran trees and hear the crunch of the leaves underfoot on one of these downloadable walks.