Life Below Stairs Guided Tour

The Estate Offices at Petworth

Find out more about servant working life on one of these free 45-minute guided tours. See spaces in the Servants' Quarters not normally open to the public and discover some of the tasks and chores and people that worked at Petworth.

Throughout the year visit different spaces not normally on display to visitors in the Servants' Quarters and find out more about the working life of different servants.

Tours are subject to availability and available on a first come, first serve basis from the Mansion shop.

March - 3 May

Visit the Historic Estate Office and find out more about the Land Stewards that handled the estates of the Egremonts.

Discover where Petworth's money came from and find out more about the infamous William Tyler, Land Steward from 1801, who was hated amongst the locals for cutting wages, evicting tenants and prosecuting poachers.

7 May - 2 August

Visit the tunnels underneath the House and Servants' Quarters, built to keep the servants out of sight. It acted as a route for footmen to take food from the kitchen to the dining room as well as clean linen, hot water, wood and coal. In the opposite direction servants would have been met by servants with dirty linen and crockery.

The tunnels are only open through the summer because outside these times the tunnels are home to bats.

5 August - 1 November

Here the tours will visit the Ice House on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays only.

On the Ice House tour you can find out more about the fashion for iced desserts and chilled wine that necessitated the Ice House here. Find out more about the building, one of the largest in the country and could hold 216 cubic metres of ice, and find out about the men that would refill and dig out the ice required for each day.