The Petworth Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt

Cadbury Easter egg hunt at Arlington Court

Charlotte Bunny is trying to grow the perfect potato to feed her family but she isn't having much luck. If only she had the missing pages from Elizabeth Ilive's journal, Elizabeth knew all about growing potatoes at Petworth. Journey around the Pleasure Ground at Petworth to find the missing pages from Elizabeth Ilive's journal and use the clues to grow the perfect potato.

Help Bunny find the missing pages on a trail around the Pleasure Ground and use the clues to grow the best potatoes for Charlotte. Will you be growing Duke of York or Desiree potatoes? What month will you be planting your seeds and what tactics are you going to use to keep the slugs away? The decision is yours.

On your journey also be on the look out for letters hidden among the missing pages to spell out a secret message. Grow your patch of potatoes and claim your Cadbury Easter Egg prize at the end.

The Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt runs from Friday 30 March to Sunday 15 April, it's £3 per child and normal admission prices apply.

Try visiting mid-week

Our Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt is on for two weeks so if you'd prefer to avoid the queues we recommend visiting on a week day outside of the Bank Holiday weekend (3-15 April).

Elizabeth Ilive

On your travels be on the look out for more infromation about Elizabeth Ilive. She lived at Petworth over 200 years ago and eventually married the 3rd Earl of Egremont.

Elizabeth began to experiment with growing potatoes after the price of wheat became very expensive to make bread. Only the wealthy like the Earl could afford wheat so the poor were encouraged to grow other vegetables like potatoes to eat. Elizabeth aimed to use her research to help those that couldn't afford the price of wheat.

Throughout 2018 we will be running more family trail about the achievements of Elizabeth Ilive. Did you know she invented a tool called the cross-bar lever? Find out more in our summer trail.

From 5 May we will also be installing a new exhibition that celebrates all of Elizabeth Ilive's achievements. Part of the exhibition reimagines an immersive laboratory that she had installed at Petworth House.