The Petworth Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt

Cadbury Easter egg hunt at Arlington Court

Sir Percy the Petworth Bunny's friends are lost in the Pleasure Ground. What Sir Percy does have though is a map of the grounds and a compass. Inspired by Henry Percy, 9th Earl of Northumberland and his very own Molyneux Globe you'll need to plot your own route around the Pleasure Ground to find Sir Percy's friends.

Help Sir Percy Bunny travel the landscape in search of his friends with your trusty map and compass.

Whether it's travelling east for twenty paces or west by five, you'll have to track your co-ordinates, chart your bearings and plot your route to get about the Pleasure Ground.

Once you're in the right place you'll also need to solve some puzzles and write down clues to find Sir Percy's missing friends.

With a 'spot the difference', a paper maze and interactive challenges you'll need to put your best foot forward to solve this Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt and earn your chocolate reward.

The Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt runs from Friday 6 April to Monday 22 April, it's £3 per child and normal admission prices apply.

Try visiting mid-week

Our Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt is on for two weeks so if you'd prefer to avoid the queues we recommend visiting on a week day outside of the Bank Holiday weekend.

Journeys and landscapes

For 2019 we're highlighting different journeys and celebrating those landscapes. From the 16th century circumnavigation of the globe to Georgian plant hunters and even celebrating 50 years since the moon landing there are plenty of adventures to be had at Petworth this year.