Help us protect the historic deer herd at Petworth

Fallow Deer in Petworth Park

Throughout June in Petworth Park we are asking our visitors with dogs to be particularly vigilant while our fallow deer give birth and care for their young.

During this time the young fawns are particularly vulnerable to attacks from dogs as they are hidden in the long grass while their mothers look for food. She will return periodically to check on the baby, and suckle them later in the day.

The young fawns are easily frightened, and they don’t yet have the strength and stamina to out-run dogs. Once the fawns are strong enough (usually after a few days) they are able to keep up with the herd.

Dog attacks on young deer occur every year at Petworth Park, so we request that all dogs are kept on a lead throughout June. When observing the young deer, please don’t try to approach them for a clearer view, as the mothers won’t return while you are there. Seeing the deer in Petworth Park is a special sight for everyone who visits, so we really appreciate your care at this time.