Lighting trials in the mansion

The North Gallery lit by picture lighting

Beginning on 21 August we're running three different trials to light the Somerset Room, Square Dining Room and North Gallery using a different layout of spotlights to find out what works best for our collection.

Natural light does damage

Did you know that sunlight is filled with ultra-violet (UV) radiation? This UV light can rot fibres, fade colours and accelerates decay. The heat from sunlight can also cause surfaces to crack, expand and dry. Textiles, paints and inks like the ones used in our paintngs are most senstive to light damage and once the damage has been done the effect is irreversible.

What can we do?

In order to protect the collection and to maintain the treasures of Petworth for future generations to see it means we have to work around scenarios such as lighting.

Lighting trials

LED lights are conservation friendly, they don't emit UV light and don't give out any heat. By using spotlights like these we can light the rooms and collection in interesting ways and at the same time close drapes to protect the collection.

Beginning in September we'll be running three different trials to light rooms in the mansion using spotlights to see what works best not just for the protection of the collection but for the enjoyment of our visitors.

Give us your feedback

Every three weeks we're trying a different arrangement of lighting up to 20 October and we want your feedback.

Look out for comment cards as you visit the mansion and let us know what you think. Your thoughts may help us towards future lighting plans.

Be sure to come back and see how we've lit the rooms for the next trial.