Lucy Marks’ Dawn to Dusk exhibition at Petworth

An oil painting depicting Petworth Park at dawn featuring a mottled green foreground, with a blue sky tinged with yellow strikes and a central focus of paint forming the sun

Sussex artist Lucy Marks is following in J.M.W. Turner’s footsteps for her solo exhibition Dawn to Dusk at Petworth House. Saturday 3 July – Sunday 19 September 2021, 10:30am-4:30pm.

This summer you can discover 55 paintings in oil and watercolour that were inspired by the Deer Park at Petworth, by award-winning painter Lucy Marks. She has spent six months painting the 700-acres of countryside that makes up the ‘Capability’ Brown parkland, with the theme behind her work inspired by famous landscape painter J.M.W. Turner.

Golden Dusk oil painting by Lucy Marks
An oil painting depicting Petworth Park at Dusk featuring a splash of vibrant golden colour in the blue sky showing the setting sun, with a focusing of green brush strokes creating a gathering of trees on the horizon
Golden Dusk oil painting by Lucy Marks
" The title of the exhibition, Dawn to Dusk, is a nod to Turner, who regularly visited and painted Petworth. His work featured sunsets and sunrises in both watercolour and oil. As a landscape painter I, too, wanted to capture the cycle of a day at Petworth, from its dreamy sunrises to its gentle and dramatic sunsets."
- Lucy Marks

Lucy has used her painting skills to create dynamic compositions and interpretations of the landscape around her, especially focusing on dramatic skies, something which Petworth Park offers in abundance. 

Misty Dawn oil painting by Lucy Marks
An oil painting depicting Petworth Park at Dawn. A blue-grey lake makes up the foreground of the image, with three feature trees around the edge, and sombre colours forming the sky, with a golden focus point representing the sun.
Misty Dawn oil painting by Lucy Marks

Demonstrations and meet the artist 

Throughout Dawn to Dusk Lucy will be carrying out demonstrations and meet the artist sessions to offer visitors a chance to chat to her about her work and painting techniques. 

  • Meet the Artist: Sun 25 Jul, Fri 13 Aug, Sat 4 Sep  

  • Artist’s Demonstrations: Sun 11 Jul, Thu 22 Jul, Wed 11 Aug, Sat 28 Aug, Wed 8 Sep

The exhibition artworks will be available to purchase at Petworth House itself alongside the exhibition catalogue or online via her website 

About Lucy Marks 

Lucy Marks is an award-winning landscape painter whose dynamic compositions communicate the changing energy and movement within the landscape. She starts by working outside, en plein air, drawing sketches in watercolour and oil from the landscape, then creates the final piece in her studio. 

She holds an MA in Fine Art from Brighton University and is an Associate Member of the Royal Watercolour Society. Her work has also shown in the Royal Institute of Oil Painters Annual Show, the ING Discerning Eye Exhibition, the Sunday Times Watercolour Competition and is held in private collections. 

In addition to a selection of large studio works on show during the exhibition at Petworth, there are also Lucy’s smaller plein air studies both oil and watercolour, all painted in the park and garden. 

" Walking round the show is a bit like exploring Petworth Park and Garden. There are leafy quiet spots through to majestic sweeps of wildness, some tight and busy areas, and some more relaxed open spaces."
- Lucy Marks

Dawn to Dusk is open in the Servants’ Quarters at Petworth House and Park from Saturday 3 July – Sunday 19 September 2021, 10:30am-4:30pm. Visitors are required to purchase a ticket to the site to enter, free for National Trust members.