Making new homes for wildlife at Petworth

Petworth House and Park deer

From the geese on the lake to the deer in the park and even the bats roosting in the trees there is a lot of life in Petworth Park but we're hoping for even more wildlife as we create some new habitats to encourage life.

As part of the work to restore the Upper Pond to the original view that inspired JMW Turner’s Dewy Morning painting, this year we're installing sunken cages filled with vegetation into the pond to provide a safe and tasty habitat for invertebrates. 

Sadly, several trees now obstruct the view of the pond and mansion that Turner captured in his iconic Dewy Morning painting. By coppicing these new trees on the 18 islands of the Upper Pond it will support new birdlife thanks to the future regrowth of trees as well as preserving the home of one of Petworth’s resident bat roosts.

In keeping with the landscape designed by Capability Brown and in order to replace lost trees, we've planted new trees in the north end of the park including Hawthorne to encourage more native wildlife during the spring.

This summer work we're planning to scrape away small areas of earth in the park to create bowls that will lay wet in winter. These shallow ponds make a useful habitat for invertebrates and amphibians as well as suitable feeding grounds for bats and birds. 

On your next visit to Petworth see the work we're doing first hand and get up close to more aspects of nature and wildlife.