Petworth Play Bags

The Petworth Play Bags underneath a painting

To help little ones make the most out of a visit to the mansion we've created the Petworth Play Bag perfect for tiny tots and those that learn through a more sensory visit.

Designed with the youngest visitors in mind and those that enjoy a sensory experience to learn, the Petworth Play Bag has five activities for children to get involved in as they explore the mansion.

Open up the bag and take a look inside. 

Have a go at matching colours inside the bag to those you can see in the mansion or feel some of the textures inside the bag and where you see a red hand print on your guide, go ahead and touch those items.

Look for different shapes in the state rooms and with the clues we've given you inside the bag can you find the right paintings on the walls?

In the North Gallery try posing like one of the statues and using the emotion squares in your bag can you match the different feelings to different pieces of art.

In the Carved Room sit down with the family and read a children's story all about museums and galleries.

Collect your Petworth Play Bag for free from the Mansion Shop, all we ask is you return your bag for another family to use before you exit.

Spot the spaniel

While you are walking aorund the mansion you might also find some hidden toy spaniels. How many can you see?