Spot the Spaniels at Petworth House

one of the toy spaniels hiding in the North Gallery

Did you know that the Egremont family have historically kept spaniels? You'll find plenty of spaniels captured in the paintings around the state rooms. To keep the little ones entertained we have hidden some toy spaniels around the state rooms, can they find all seven and get a sticker reward?

Stretch your neck and look high to see if you can find any spaniels hiding in the chandeliers or on top of the curtains.

Look low, are there any spaniels hiding beneath the furniture?

There are seven spaniels to spot in the state rooms of Petworth House, if you can spot all seven you can claim your sticker reward,

You mihgt find the spaniels hiding on window sill or myaybe they are resting next to one of the sculptures. Some rooms even have two spaniels so keep those eyes peeled.