The 'As You Like it' Shakespearean Family trail

The As You Like It Shakespearean trail

Petworth has many paintings inspired by some of Shakespeare's works such as Macbeth, Richard III and The Merchant of Venice. Some well known characters from William Shakesperare's plays have combined their wisdom to help you become a playwright as you design your own play complete with your own characters.

Available every day, meet characters wrapped in romance or troubled by tragedy like the princes of the tower as you gather inspiration from around the rooms in the mansion to decide what happens next in your play.

As you wander the mansion look out for chests to open and complete the activities inside to move one step closer to finishing your play. You hold the fate of your characters as you work your way through the state rooms - will they survive to the end of the decide.

Normal admission prices apply with a suggested donation price of £2 for the 'As You Like It' trail.