The Petworth House guest bedrooms

State Room

Starting 19 March 2020, see the private guest bedrooms of Petworth House on a free-flow basis on Tuesday mornings until 2pm.

See the private guest bedrooms still used by guests of the family on a free-flow basis every Tuesday morning until 2pm, 19 March until 1 November 2020, excluding 'Unlocking Petworth' weeks (5–11 October, 7–13 September, 2–15 November 2020).

Trellis Suite

See the Trellis Suite with its early Victorian mahogany half-tester bed. The muslin covered dressing table is made to the same design as that used in many of the bedrooms at Petworth and is based on a painting by Zoffany, that can be seen in the Red Room.

The framed group of four medals hanging to the left of the door were Lt. the Hon. William Reginald Wyndham's, the 3rd Lord Leconfield's younger brother who was killed in the First World War.

Mrs Wyndham's Suite

This room contains the Petworth State Bed, an English rococo masterpiece of the 1750s. It 1984 the bed was exhibited at the Victoria and Albert Museum's Rococo exhibition and at this time it underwent some restoration.

Hallmarks of the style are fantasy and humour and illustrated on the bed are a gold tree which crowns the dome of the bed, complete with a Chinese dragon and a squirrel eating a nut. The Dowager Lady Egremont, who always slept in the bed, kept a pet owl which happily roosted in the branches.

The adjacent dressing room still retains its original wallpaper and velvet curtains by William Morris.

Belzamine Suite

This sutie is named after a type of material that once decorated the bedroom.

Of particular interest is the great Chippendale bed of 1770, still with its original velvet hangings. This is one of four identical beds commissioned by the 3rd Earl of Egremont andit's said that he wanted to sleep in a familar bed whenever he stayed in one of his four houses - Petworth, Egremont House in London, Shortgrove in Suffolk and Cockermouth Castle in Cumberland.