Unlocking Petworth

The Chamber Bedroom, open by the kind permission of Lord and Lady Egemont on selected weeks of the year

For specific weeks of the year, peek inside the Stone Hall, Cambridge Bedroom and Chamber Landing in the private apartments of Petworth House.

Take a peek inside the Stone Hall built by the Victorian architect Anthony Salvin as part of his modifications to Petworth around 1870 for the 2nd Lord Leconfield. Today the current Lord and Lady Egremont use it as their private entrance though it was used by the public on certain days when Petworth House first opened to the public in the 1950s.

The Cambridge Bedroom is so named because the Duke of Cambridge slept there during the Victorian period. This room is unique as the only room of the house that offers views of both Petworth town and the Lancelot 'Capability' Brown Deer Park. The bed you can see is one of three examples commissioned from Thomas Chippendale by the 3rd Earl and are especially significant because they retain their original 18th century hangings.

Finally the Chamber Landing, also called the Grand Passage, was among the alterations made by Anthony Salvin around 1870. Here you can see portraits of the family including an equestrian portrait of Colonel George Wyndham, 1st Lord Leconfield, by John Ferneley. You can also see a triple portrait of the 3rd Earl of Egremont's three military sons - Charles, George and Henry. Today the Chamber Landing and its bedrooms and bathrooms are in frequent use by Lord and Lady Egremont and their family and guests.

These rooms of the private apartments are only open on select days:

Monday 7 – Sunday 13 September

Monday 5 – Sunday 11 October

Monday 2 – Sunday 15 November

These rooms are private areas and in frequent use by Lord and Lady Egremont so visitors are kindly asked not to take any photos of these areas.

To access the Cambridge Bedroom and the Chamber Landing there is a capacity of 15 and visitors are given a token to take and return. While waiting for a token to view these rooms please enjoy viewing the Grand Staircase and Beauty Room.