Use new technology at Petworth to create your own landscape

Image of landscape created with sand and augmented reality technology

The National Trust has been working with the Department of Computer Science at University of Bath to offer an interactive sandbox that allows people to interact with a topographical map using sand to create their own landscape and even make it rain to form rivers and lakes with their hands.

This pilot project has been inspired by this year’s Capability Brown tercentenary, which celebrates the work of a great 18th century landscape artist. It provides an opportunity to experiment with innovative ways to interpret historic landscapes, and creates an opportunity for students at the university to work with National Trust to make cultural heritage accessible.
These sandboxes provide an understanding of landscape planning, offering historical content in a new engaging way for all the family.The project has also been conceived to bring awareness of wider landscape conservation issues, such as water capture and soil erosion to visitors. After all, man-made heritage requires conservation to ensure it remains for the benefit of future generations.
The augmented reality sandbox is part of Petworth Park Revealed: The Naked Landscape exhibition, open until 6th November 2016.