Walking your dog at Petworth

Spaniel at Petworth Park

We love dogs here at Petworth, in fact Spaniels were the favourite pet of the 3rd Earl of Egremont. Nowadays, we welcome dogs to stretch their legs in Petworth Park all year around.


With over 700 acres of parkland, there are many paths for you to explore and dogs are allowed off the lead.


Please be aware we don't allow dogs into the Pleasure Ground that accesses the mansion so for those wishing to visit the park with their canine friend please make sure to park at the North car park signposted 'Petworth Park' off the A283 and not the regular visitor car park signposted as 'Petworth House'. £4 for non-members, free for NT Members.

Dog free zones

Unfortunately there is no access to the mansion from the park and we recommend if visiting as a group that members take it in turns to visit the mansion via the Pleasure Grounds through the Park Gate where you can then also use the facilities and buy refreshments to go from the Servants' Quarters opposite.

Looking after our Deer

We have a herd of over 500 fallow deer that roam freely within Petworth Park. As these animals are very easily upset if they are too close to dogs, please keep your dogs under close control or on a lead, as every year many deer are unfortunately lost to dog attacks. During the spring and summer, we have many young fawns that are born and their mothers leave them in the long grass so you may not see them so please do be vigilant.

Responsible dog ownership

We do encourage responsible dog ownership at Petworth and there are waste bins situated at entrances to the park.