Wings and Whiskers trail at Petworth

Children exploring a National Trust house

On this trail around the house and the Park, find out about the many animals of Petworth. From dogs to deer and bats there are lots of animals that are either captured in the art here or call Petworth home.

Available daily between Saturday 4 May and Sunday 2 November, can you find all the animals of Petworth?

There are dogs, birds and horses but even lions, monkeys and deer.

Have a go at this free trail and while you are wandering the state rooms of Petworth House be on the look out for some of the animals that have been captured in painting or sculpture.

Outdoors see some of the wildlife that calls Petworth home. Can you see the deer in the Park? Find out about the bats that roost in the tunnels below ground or get a closer look at the geese on the Upper Pond.

Available from the Petworth House entrance, this trail explores why some of these animals were used in art and sculpture and how the wildlife came to be at Petworth.

Normal admission prices apply.