The best of Christmas for families at Polesden Lacey

Christmas decorations at Polesden Lacey, Surrey

Mrs Greville would like to invite you and the little ones to our 1930s Christmas party at Polesden Lacey where only the finest in festive food and entertainment has been laid on. Find out what's on below...

Where's Father Christmas?

Mrs Greville has invited Father Christmas to her 1930s Christmas party as the guest of honour. The only trouble is it's his busiest time of year, so he has to keep popping back to the North Pole to take care of his festive preparations.

While you won't see the busy man himself, look out for signs of his flying visit to Polesden throughout the grounds. 

Find Father Christmas's workshop
Father Christmas's desk covered in fairy lights and toys
Find Father Christmas's workshop

Letters to Father Christmas

Father Christmas loves coming to Polesden on Christmas Eve to sample the finest mince pies Surrey has to offer (and perhaps a spot of McEwan's ale if he's lucky). 

Little ones are invited to put their dearest festive wishes down on paper and post a letter to Father Christmas, to which he will reply via email in due course - so do make sure your email address is nice and legible. 

Party pooches on parade

Mrs Greville and her guests aren't the only ones enjoying a good festive knees up at this time of year. 

Be on the look our for Billy, Dougall and Josey while you explore the house as you're likely to spot them in their finest attire enjoying a poochy party all of their own.

Will you find Billy and Dougall this Christmas?
Two toy dogs hide beneath a lace sheet
Will you find Billy and Dougall this Christmas?

Sparkling Christmas trees

Is there anything that gets us in the mood for Christmas like a beautifully dressed 18ft Christmas tree? Step into Mrs Greville's lavish party house and be enchanted.

Walk through the picture gallerys decked with holly, ivy, mistletoe and crimson poinsettia, through to the Gold Saloon with a tree glittering in every corner.

Find a twinkling tree wherever your turn
Two Christmas trees decorated with fairy lights in the gold room at Polesden Lacey
Find a twinkling tree wherever your turn

The chicken coop's festive make-over

Even our chickens have been swept up in the spirit of our Christmas party, so head over to their coop to see it decked for Christmas and be prepared to see some shaky tail feathers.

Horse and carriage rides (weekends only)

Snuggle up for a charming horse and carriage ride through the frosty grounds before, perhaps, sitting down to a delicious warming lunch in the Granary Café. Adults £3, Children £2.

We can't wait to see you at the party - make sure you bring your dancing shoes.

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