Autumn in the garden at Powis

An autumnal view of the terraces below Powis Castle, Powys, Wales

As the evening light starts to fade and the cooler air arrives, Powis prepares to host nature’s greatest shows of the year; autumn.

As summer turns to autumn our gardens burst into life as vibrant greens transform into a dazzling array of reds, yellows, burnt oranges and golds. With such a glorious display of colour, this is a fantastic time of the year to visit.

Flaming colour 

There’s a riot of colour throughout the garden. September and October sees the lowest of the terrace borders showing its colours in shrubby salvias, sedums, asters and tall, deep blue aconites. 
The lower slopes of the garden come alive as the maples and acers glow striking shades of gold, orange and yellow in the low autumnal sunshine.
" We have trees and plants from all over the world, so at any time from September to November you’ll find vibrant autumnal colour somewhere in our garden."
- David Swanton, Garden Operation Manager


Scents of the season

It’s not just a host of new sights that autumn brings with it; as you explore the garden breathe in the air rich with the smells of the season. 
Take in the sweet aroma of ripe fruit coming from the carefully trained apple and pear trees in the Formal Garden and enjoy the mouth-watering scent of burnt-sugar and caramel coming from the Cercidiphyllum japonicum on the lower terraces. 

Extreme gardening

Keep an eye out for Head Gardener Dave and his team clipping the huge yew trees and hedges that are an iconic sight at Powis. To watch them at work, hoisted 14 metres in the air, shows just how challenging a gardener’s job can be.
Cutting the 14 metre high yew at Powis
Gardener cutting the 14m high yew hedge from hydraulic cherry picker. Powis Castle and Garden, Powys, Wales
Cutting the 14 metre high yew at Powis

You'll never forget experiencing our garden in autumn. Be inspired by rich colours that warm the earth and the crisp sound of leaves crunching beneath your feet.
So whether you come for one of our autumn events or simply to enjoy our amazing seasonal colours, now is the time to visit.