‘Be prepared’ at Powis this summer

Boy scouts working as farm hands, loading mangel-wurzels onto a horse-drawn cart on a British farm during the First World War.

'Be prepared’ to test your skills this summer to find out if you’d have had what it took to “do your bit” as a Scout during the First World War.

Scouts in the First World War

Scouts came forward in huge numbers to help the British war effort during the First World War. They took on many different roles, helping release men from their jobs so they could sign up to serve in the military forces.
Amongst other things they helped the Coastguard patrol our shores, harvested essential crops, assisted in hospitals and convalescent homes, carried government messages, and raised essential funds for front line services such as ambulances. 

‘Do your bit’ this summer

Pick up a ‘Powis training camp’ booklet at the Castle Entrance or Garden Kiosk this summer and complete all the things in it to collect your Powis Scouting Sticker.  
You’ll need to test your fitness on the Great Lawn’s assault course, send a message to a friend using semaphore flags, practice some essential first aid skills and find out about different animals that helped the war effort.  


What’s cooking this weekend?

Visit our on the Great Lawn on Saturdays and Sundays between 30 July and 29 August and be put through your paces on our assault course by our resident expert.
He’ll also be showing you what food was available to soldiers during their training and giving you a chance to try some for yourself. You might even discover a few handy hints for your own kitchen!