Enter a winter wonderland at Powis

A lead statue in winter at Powis Castle and Garden, Powys, Wales

With the dark and cold of winter outside, it's all too easy to slip into hibernation mode. But, if you wrap up warm, you'll soon find that there’s plenty to discover at Powis during the winter months, both inside and out.

Our garden in winter

Pull on your winter woollies and take a stroll around our beautiful garden this winter. See the shapes of topiary and intricately trained fruit trees, sparkling under frost or casting their long shadows in the low afternoon light. This is the time to appreciate the garden’s structure and see how it's been made

As you stand on our Upper Terrace take a closer look at the landscape of our garden. See the terraces descend through elegant staircases to the Great Lawn, the Wilderness ridge and its towering oaks and the crisply hedged spaces of the Edwardian Formal Garden. Nestled between the deer park and the pointed profiles of Long Mountain and the Breidden Hills, the view from our garden is unparalleled, especially in winter.  

The Castle 

Powis’ interiors were designed to impress the Herbert family’s prominent guests who visited for winter Hunting weekends and evening parties. Exceptional art, statues, furniture and textiles from Europe, India and the Orient adorn the Castle, lit by exquisite chandeliers in the low afternoon light. 

For the first time, we’ll be opening the castle’s doors to visitors from the 1st January and welcome you to explore this unique collection. This is the perfect time of the year to amble slowly through the state rooms, discovering many of their hidden treasures.