Spring at Powis

Delicate snake's head fritillaries bloom on the terraces beneath Powis Castle, NAtional Trust, Wales

With colourful flowers springing to life, vibrant green leaves unfurling and choruses of birdsong ringing through the trees, Powis is the perfect place to shake off the winter cobwebs and step into spring.

As the cold, dark days of winter come to an end, now is the perfect time to get outdoors, feel warm sunshine on your skin, and explore a dazzling show of colour.

The arrival of spring

As spring arrives, delicate displays of snowdrops and cyclamen are replaced with swathes of spring bulbs. Stroll along the Terraces and through the Formal Garden and  discover elegant dogs tooth violets, scilla, tulips, and grape hyacinths blooming en mass.

Explore vibrant spring colour at Powis
A mother and daughter looking at the spring planting in the borders at Powis Castle & Garden, National Trust, Wales.
Explore vibrant spring colour at Powis

Admire elegant magnolia exposing their pink and white goblet-shaped flowers against a clear blue sky and as the season continues to warm up, brilliant white Leucojums, nodding Fritillaries, and delicate primroses can be spotted on grassy banks throughout the garden.

A Welsh garden

What would a Welsh garden be without its daffodils? Narcissus Pseudonarcissus, the famous Welsh daffodil, thrive in their thousands at Powis.

Explore a vivid carpet of Welsh daffodils
A carpet of daffodils with Powis Castle in the background. National Trust, Wales
Explore a vivid carpet of Welsh daffodils

Admire the vivid yellow carpet created by this beautiful bloom in the aptly named Daffodil Paddock which once formed part of an 18th century water garden. This seasonal highlight will remain with you long after your visit is over.

Later in the season

Towards the end of spring don’t miss the stunning display of rhododendrons and azaleas blooming throughout the Wilderness, our formal woodland. Take a relaxing stroll amongst the bright blooms and enjoy the impressive array of colours framing the castle and footpaths.

Explore the formal woodland at Powis this spring
A lady walking amongst red rhododendrons at Powis Castle & Garden, Wales, National Trust.
Explore the formal woodland at Powis this spring

As summer edges ever closer, see the beautiful Wisteria Floribunda draping its beautiful pea like flowers over the Aviary Terrace. At over 300 years old, this beautiful climber has charmed Powis’ visitors for generations; it’s a magnificent sight not to be missed!

Our garden is open from 10am, 364 days a year (closed 25 December).