Powis' multi-layered garden

A view of the castle and a herbaceous border on the Lower Terrace at Powis Castle & Garden, Wales.

Wales is famous for its rugged landscapes and ancient fortresses and less known for its gardens; yet stretching out beneath our medieval castle is one of the finest gardens in Britain.

Dramatic Italianate terraces, an Orangery, a peaceful wooded landscape garden and an opulent Edwardian Formal Garden are all waiting to be discovered.

Theatrical terraces

Beneath the castle and blasted out of the bare rock, are the Italianate Terraces which are considered the finest surviving example of a 17th century terraced garden in Britain.

From their position high up on the hillside you can admire breath-taking views across the garden, deer park, Severn Valley and in the distance, the pointed profiles of Long Mountain and the Breidden Hills.

Explore the elegant Orangery and Aviary Terraces
A view over the Orangery taken from the Aviary Terrace at Powis Castle and Garden, Wales
Explore the elegant Orangery and Aviary Terraces

Admire spectacular herbaceous borders flowering with a profusion of perennials, dancing lead and stone statues, an Aviary that once housed Birds of Prey and an Orangery with a grand 18th century stone doorway that was once the entrance to the castle itself.

Yew beauty!

It’s impossible to miss one of Powis’ most famous features, its 300-year old yews. Looking back to the castle from anywhere in the garden you can see their cloud-like forms melting over the terraces like wax and the 14 tumps and 30-foot-high hedge will remain in your mind long after your visit.

The Edwardian Formal Garden

This area was once a Kitchen Garden but in 1912 Violet, Countess of Powis, oversaw its transformation into a formal flower garden.

Powis Castle and Garden, Powys, Wales
Powis Castle and Garden, Powys, Wales
Powis Castle and Garden, Powys, Wales

Here you can stroll along avenues of carefully trained 100-year-old apple trees, enjoy the shade beneath the vine arch, admire seasonal colour and relax in deck chairs as you listen to the sound of water falling in the Fountain Garden. 

The Wilderness

The wooded ridge opposite the castle, known as the Wilderness. It’s less formal than the rest of the garden and is the perfect place for a woodland walk.

Take a stroll in the peaceful Wilderness at Powis Castle & Garden
Visitors walking amongst the trees, bluebells and daffodils at Powis Castle & Garden, Wales
Take a stroll in the peaceful Wilderness at Powis Castle & Garden

Stroll alongside great oaks, rhododendrons and exotic trees and stop by the Stable Pond, Ice House or Plunge Pool, surrounded by ferns. Discover the graves of much-loved family pets, uncover unique sculptures and admire the view of the castle across the Great Lawn– perhaps the most iconic image of all Welsh gardens.