Uncovering local stories at Powis Castle

A graphic of four evacuees arriving at Powis Castle, National Trust, Wales

Do you remember the Home Guard parade through Welshpool? Did you work alongside land girls on farms? Did your family open up their home to evacuees?

We’re looking for people who remember the Second World War to share their recollections of the local area as part of our two year ‘Worlds Apart in War: The Welsh Girls School’ exhibition.

From 1939 to 1946 Powis Castle played host to a group of pupils and teachers from the Ashford Welsh Girls School who were evacuated from Middlesex at the outbreak of war. They came at the invitation of George Herbert, 4th Earl of Powis, who was governor of the school at the outbreak of war.

Over the next two years, we want to tell stories about others who came to the area as a result of the war, including evacuees from Merseyside, land girls and prisoners of war.

Telling a local story

If you have wartime memories of Welshpool and the surrounding area we’d love you to be involved in the creation of an audio exhibition that shows the contrast between the lives of the Ashford girls and that of the local community.

People coming forward with their tales of wartime in Welshpool should be willing to have their voices recorded as part of the project.

Emma Thompson, General Manager at Powis Castle and Garden said: “We know local people played a huge part in the war effort by welcoming and looking after evacuees, working on the castle’s surrounding farmland or even hosting prisoners of war. It’s important we capture this important time in Welshpool’s history.

“We’d love people with local stories to come forward so we can record some of them and add them to the exhibition over the next two years. We want to give visitors the chance to visit time and time again to learn more about the local area and the important role it played during the Second World War.”

To share your story and have the opportunity for it to be recorded and played at Powis Castle and Garden, download a story submission form below or request a paper copy by calling 01938 551929.

Local stories submission form (DOCX / 0.0380859375MB) download