Lucy and Eirlys

Wales Nature Ambassadors

Lucy and Eirlys - Wales Nature Ambassadors

“At 53 and 67, recently made redundant and retired, we decided to walk the entire Wales Coast Path. We can confidently say that walking clears the mind and lifts the spirits. It has certainly filled us with great optimism and confidence to take on any crazy project that appeals.”

In 2016, Lucy, 53 and her good friend Eirlys, 67 made the decision to take on the Wales Coast Path to improve their fitness, mental health and sleep patterns. Believing the walk to only be 450 miles (actually 870), it took 100 days on and off to walk the length of Wales.

Why Rhossili is so special

“We reached Rhossili in the spring. The weather was changing, and the sheer scale and magnificence of the landscape began to hit home. From Rhossili our walk became more about appreciating beauty, losing oneself in the landscape and learning to enjoy the moment.”

Why spend more time outdoors?

Lucy - “We weren't really walkers, or really fit and definitely didn't start out to walk the whole way. But can now confidently say that walking clears the mind, lifts the spirits and has certainly filled us with great optimism and confidence to take on any crazy project that appeals.”

Eirlys - “If we can do it, anyone can do it. Don’t let any guide book convince you that you have to complete a 15mile section a day, break it down to suit your ability and enjoy!”

My other favourite places in Wales

  • Caernarfon Castle – (Lucy) Walking up the coast from the south surprisingly, the castle is not visible until you are almost on it and it just is such a great spectacle. 
  • Walking under the Severn & Briton Ferry – (Lucy) The bridges were just so familiar but seen from a completely new and unexpected angle.  I had travelled over the Briton Ferry bridge twice a day on the school bus for years and the Severn Bridge was just so monstrously big it was surreal. 
  • Worms Head – (Lucy) Worms Head is such a landmark, familiar from childhood, and many happy days out in the area.  I also love the hotel with Dylan Thomas quotations written all over the walls of the bar. 
  • Mwnt – (Eirlys) I love the way the Church of the Holy Cross nestled into the hillside - coming from the north on the Wales Coast Path, footsore and weary I had a bit of empathy with the 14th century pilgrims making their way to St David’s. 
  • Newport, Pembrokeshire - (Eirlys) I still think of the walk from St Dogmael’s to Newport as the toughest stretch of the Coast Path. The first time we had attempted anything over 10 miles.  To come down off the headland at Newport and see Carn Ingli in the distance and the familiar, wide expanse of Traeth Mawr stretching out before us was such a relief.  I was so pleased I hadn’t drowned here when I was five years old!
  • St Dwynwen’s Church on Ynys Llanddwyn – (Eirlys) Who couldn’t feel the romance in this place dedicated to the Welsh patron saint of lovers.