Hear about how we are improving facilities at Quarry Bank

Preparing to open the new welcome building

The Quarry Bank Project hopes to reconnect the site to enable you to make new discoveries and to explore the stories of the people who once lived and worked here.

In August 2017, the new welcome building will open to start you on your journey of discovery. In this light and airy building you will be able to get your tickets and story map for the day; you can also sign up to become a National Trust member and help to support the future of our nation’s special places.

From the welcome building you will join a new network of paths that will take you to any of the destinations that you wish to visit. This autumn the team will be talking to you and asking what information you need to enjoy your day and from this information an orientation point will be designed for 2018.

Parking at Quarry Bank will become easier too as the new car park extension begins to open in summer 2017.

A passenger lift will be installed on the exterior of the mill in 2018. This will enable access for all to all floors of the mill for the first time.

The team are excited about these improvements and we hope that it makes your experience of visiting Quarry Bank more enjoyable.