Phytophthora ramorum at Quarry Bank

Walking in the Northern Woods at Quarry Bank Cheshire

The National Trust is working with the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) to manage Phytophthora ramorum a fungal-like tree and plant disease in the Northern Woods.

While there’s only a very minimal risk that you might spread this virulent plant disease through your visit, you can still help us by:

1. Paying attention to any site notices- infected areas may be cordoned off and felling/ clearance operations may be taking place

2. Keep dogs on leads at all times – This will reduce the spread of the fungal spores. 

3. Keeping to marked paths- to help reduce the chances of picking up contaminated soil or plant debris.

4. Cleaning your footwear- remove any soil or plant debris from footwear after each visit.

5. Not taking plants or cuttings - you could inadvertently introduce infected material into your own garden.

6. Monitoring the health of your own plants – familiarise yourself with the symptoms of Phytophthora by visiting  

This plant disease is not dangerous to humans or animals.
Thank you for your help and co-operation