Step inside the Mill at Quarry Bank

Working historic looms in Quarry Bank mill

The Mill has reopened and we can’t wait to welcome you! Things are a little different inside, but you’ll still see the machinery in action while you uncover the stories of the mill owners and workers.


The Mill is opening its doors

Things are a little different at the moment. The coronavirus has meant we’ve had to change things inside the Mill. Find out more about what to expect from your visit in this short video. In line with government guidance, you're required to wear a face covering in most enclosed spaces. Please bring one with you, and remember to keep your distance. Due to a one-way system through the mill, we are sorry that the lift will not be available, however an accessible visit can still be facilitated – please call ahead to book a time on 01625 527468.

Must see inside the Mill

Full length mule in action at Quarry Bank

See working machinery in action

Experience the heritage machinery at work in the mill. You can feel the floors shake with the power of the spinning machines or hear the clatter of the weaving looms as they turn cotton thread into cloth right in front of you.

Quarry Bank Mill letterhead paper

Uncover the stories behind the Mill at Quarry Bank

Find out about Samuel Greg, the founder of Quarry Bank, and his journey from moving to Manchester as a young boy to building his cotton business. Watch a hand spinning and weaving video demonstration, and discover more about the history of the cotton trade.

Steam engines at Quarry Bank

Explore how the mill was powered by water, steam and brain power

The ingenuity of engineers was essential to the early Industrial Revolution. In these galleries you can explore how the mill was powered, discover the brains behind the technology and watch the historic steam engines and waterwheel in action.