The Apprentice House at Quarry Bank

The Apprentice House at Quarry Bank

The Apprentice House and garden was home to children who worked at the mill. Take a look at how they lived and learnt in this space.

Take a guided tour of the past

The Apprentice House at Quarry Bank was built by Samuel Greg to house the pauper children who worked at the mill. We've reconstructed the Apprentice House so that it resembles as closely as possible how it would have been when the children lived there in the 19th century.

Visitors can take a guided tour with a costumed interpreter and learn about the children's education, medical treatments, living conditions and diet. 

How to take a tour

Please be aware that you can only attend a tour of the Apprentice House by buying a ticket on the day, and times are variable. Call 01625 527468 on the day you intend to visit for details of the tour times. During term time, public tours take place in the afternoon. Please book your slot on arrival at the Ticket and Information Office. 

Doctor, Doctor

Make sure you get all the latest remedies and cures as prescribed by the Apprentice House medical man, Doctor Holland. Be warned, remedies may include some wriggly leeches.

Apprentice House garden

The Apprentice House garden grew herbs for the children's medicines and remedies, as well as fruit and vegetables. We've restored the garden to how we think it would have looked in about 1830 so come and take a look at the plants grown for medicine. The Apprentice House garden is also a haven for wildlife, and a great place to look for insects, reptiles and amphibians.