The garden café at Quarry Bank

The garden café at Quarry Bank

The garden café is the perfect spot to grab a light lunch, hot snack, slice of cake or an ice-cream. Nestled in the heart of Quarry Bank’s upper garden, this striking glass building has a retractable roof to make the most of warm sunny days, and plenty of picnic tables for dining al fresco.

Going green in the garden

The garden café uses disposable crockery and cutlery. This means that we can be more environmentally friendly by not having a big commercial dishwasher using electricity and water, as well as reducing the amount of chemicals that we need to use. 

We can also recycle all of the disposable items that we use in the café. The disposable cups are made of sustainably sourced paper with a PLA lining. PLA has 72% less carbon than plastic and is oil free, so is much better for the environment. The paper cups and their lids are in fact completely compostable, as are the ‘plastic’ appearance cutlery which is actually made from corn-starch.

Watch our video with catering manager Rhys to find out more.

Dogs welcome

As with all other parts of the garden and estate at Quarry Bank, we welcome our four legged friends to the garden café. We always keep plenty of dog bowls around with fresh water in, and dogs are welcome inside the café. We check the dog bowls regularly, but ever they need topping up then just let one of our staff know and they’ll be sure to help.

Private functions

The garden café is available to hire for private functions such as weddings, anniversaries or business meetings. Take a look at our function pages to find out more.