The second-hand bookshop at Quarry Bank

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Pick up a page turner and help Quarry Bank’s story continue for future generations to come. Every year, the proceeds from the sales of second-hand books helps to fund vital conservation works at Quarry Bank, helping to look after thousands of historic objects and features from books to buildings, looms to landscapes, plants to posters and all sorts of interesting things in between.

Archive image of the former stable block at Quarry Bank, horse outside

The bookshop

Located in the Mill Yard, and once the former stables of mill owner Samuel Greg, the bookshop now houses a range of titles from fiction and crime, to gardening, children's books, travel writing and collectables. Find your next page-turner here.

Collectable books

Collectable books

Browse the shelves and enjoy the nostalgia of stumbling across old editions and collectable titles. From travel writing, to music, literature, history and collectable children’s books, there’s something for all interests. For limited editions, check out our collectables catalogue in the bookshop, or speak to a member of staff.

The Quarry Bank bookshop exterior


We are always happy to receive donations of books - if you would like to donate any books, please send an email to and we'll get back to you to arrange dropping them off. We would like thank everyone who has supported us over years, whether that has been in the donation or purchase of books. It is through this support that we can work together to look after and care for this special place.

" Reading novels has all the good effects of going into the countryside without the restraint and trouble of it - they dissipate thought and exhilarate the spirit."
- Hannah Greg at Quarry Bank, 1806

Books with more than one story to tell . . .

Tucked between the pages of these well-loved novels and cherished books on our bookshop shelves, we've found all sorts of trinkets and curios, from letters and postage stamps to winning raffle tickets and family recipes.

Post Office Savings Box

Post Office savings box

Extreme piggy banking! Disguised as a book to be hidden on your shelves, this leather-bound money box came to us amongst a pile of books, still with its coins safely rattling inside. It could only be opened by a master key held by the Post Office. No diving in for last minute funds(!), once you’d slotted your coins in they were locked away safely to be saved up.

A $500 colectable note

A $500 dollar note?

No fridge magnets for those early explorers and holidaymakers, oh no, they brought back $500 notes as souvenirs of their travels! Hidden between the pages of a book on American Travels, we found this $500 note. Once issued in 1847, this re-production is an early example of a fun holiday souvenir. And as well as keepsakes and mementos, we’ve also found winning raffle tickets. The winner of one 1940’s raffle never claimed their prize of a tinned turkey. Perhaps it was because they had to sacrifice 12 ration coupons in return. Sometimes the fun is in the taking part!

Typed letter signed by Bing Crosby

A letter from Hollywood

One visitor to Quarry Bank’s bookshop got more than a good story and a bargain! Upon getting home and settling down to read their purchase, they discovered an envelope containing a 65-year-old letter from none other than treasured Hollywood star Bing Crosby! No need for a full address – the letter head simply read, ‘Bing Crosby, Hollywood’ as he wrote to a fan in Yorkshire of his upcoming songs in 1948.

" Read Mr Wilson’s Poetry – mediocre."
- Hannah Greg at Quarry Bank

Continuing Quarry Bank's story. . .

The Industrial Revolution changed our world forevever. Your support helps us to look after this special place in our changing world today. Find out more about our work below.

Quarry Bank's conservation assistants tending to map in the collection

The collection

A team of 30 staff and volunteers look after thousands of objects at Quarry Bank, and the collection grows in number every day as they continue to catalogue the varied items stored in their vast archives. From book cleaning, furniture waxing and ceramic cleaning, to the daily checking and monitoring of objects, humidity and light levels, these are just some of the tasks carried about behind the scenes as they work to protect Quarry Banks collection from all kinds of threats including light, dust and pesky insects!

Quarry Bank ranger repairing a field drain

The estate

The Quarry Bank ranger team do a wide variety of work on the estate including tree felling, footpath repairs and grass cutting. In 2019 they also planted 3080 wildflower plants, 24,250 wildflower bulbs, re-seeded lane verges with wildflower rich mixes, planted hundreds of native trees and 300 meters of species rich hedging. The rangers also survey and monitor wildlife on the estate to give an indication of how healthy Quarry Bank is. This winter, the rangers will also be continuing to plant 40,000 trees! They'll be out and about in all weathers looking after the estate

Quarry Bank's technical demonstrators working on the machinery

The historic machinery

The mill houses four floors of historic machinery, as well as Europe’s largest working water wheel. Once operated by engineers, stokers and firemen during the early industrial revolution, today a team of around 25 staff and volunteers work to demonstrate, care for and maintain the heritage machinery, as well as training up new colleagues to keep old skills alive.

A selection of records and papers awaiting conservation at Quarry Bank
A selection of papers awaiting conservation at Quarry Bank
A selection of records and papers awaiting conservation at Quarry Bank
" At home reading Don Quixote. Very happy"
- Hannah Greg at Quarry Bank