Life in the trenches

Arthur and Bobby Greg, the eldest of the three Greg sons, both joined the military. Through their letters and photographs we gain an insight into the brutal reality of life in the trenches and the psychological effects of War on their characters. Arthur from an optimistic and naïve young student during training, into a courageous, battle-hardened man, whose dry wit, self-confidence and humour never failed to shine through even in his darkest moments. Bobby was younger and spent most of the War waiting to join the War effort. His desire to match his brother’s bravery and achievements is always evident.

Image of Arthur Greg

Arthur's War 

Arthur was the eldest of the three Greg boys. He served in the army and the Royal Flying Corps from 1914 until his death in 1917. As the son and heir of Quarry Bank, his death was a devastating loss for his family and the business.

Bobby Greg in uniform

Bobby's War 

Bobby Greg was still at school when War broke out, but was eager to join his brother in the fighting. Although still seen by the family as a boy, he went to war before the age of 20.