Women at War

It wasn't just the men of the Greg family who went to war. Madge and Helen Greg both served as Voluntary Aid Detachment (VAD) nurses with the British Red Cross during the First World War in France and England. They carried out a range of duties in rest and dressing stations such as providing meals for the servicemen, treating the wounded. Their letters and diaries gave us an insight into the important role women played during the War and their desire to do more to help their brothers. For those left at home, the War could be a terrible wait for news. Arthur's fiancée Marian Allen wrote about the war in her poetry and suffered very deeply from his loss.

Photo portrait of Madge Greg

Madge's War

Madge Greg was one of the thousands of women who signed up to serve as a VAD nurse in the First World War. The War had devastating impacts on Madge's family, but also gave her the opportunity to develop her passion for medicine.

Two images of Helen Greg in VAD nurse uniform

Helen's War

Helen was the second of the Greg sisters to join the war effort, signing up as a VAD nurse in 1915. The War introduced her to her husband, but also took the lives of beloved family members.

Image of Marian Allen and Arthur Greg together

Marian's War

Marian Allen met and became engaged to Arthur Greg in 1914. Her creative spirit captured Arthur's heart, but following his death in 1917 it flowed out in heartbreaking war poetry.