Fuelling family fun at The Orangery Café

A girl holds an ice cream

This exciting new 'pop-up' café is be the perfect place in the garden to grab a soft drink, ice cream or snack for your little ones. Or more importantly, a much needed coffee for you.

Fuelling the fun

The Orangery serves soft drinks, ice-creams and snacks as well as tea and coffee with seating for you and some smaller seating for our mini visitors. Let the kids let off some steam on the main lawn, or build a sandcastle as part of the 'My mini holiday trail' while you catch a break and a quick refreshment.

Orangery 'pop-up' café
Orangery café


Ice-cream never seemed so worthwhile

Did you know that all of the money taken in The Orangery Café goes straight back into the conservation and preservation of Saltram? So every ice-cream, flapjack and coffee you buy helps keep Saltram special.

Fuel the fun at the Orangery café
Benches and seats within the Orangery Cafe

The Orangery Café will be open from August until mid September 11am - 3pm.

Orangery 'pop-up' café
Orangery café