The gorgeous garden this summer

Anemone japonica

With striking colours, scents and relaxing spaces to take in the view, it’s one of the best times of the year to be visiting the garden. Here are some of my highlights to see this summer.

The summer border

The Summer Border next to the Chapel Tea-room is at its brightest and best. My team of garden staff and volunteers completely re-worked the border last autumn so it should be full of new life and fresh colour all summer long.

The summer border is full of colour
The colourful Summer border at Saltram

Citrus blooms

Delve deeper into the garden and you'll discover the 18th century working Orangery. The citrus trees are kept indoors during winter but in May we spend the day lifting each tree and placing them outside. When the sun comes out in summer the citrus fruits ripen up and the smell of the trees is gorgeous.

Citurs trees lining the Orangery
Citurs trees lining the Orangery

Main lawn loveliness

The Main Lawn is the ideal spot to relax and have a picnic, surrounded by the House, Chapel, and beautiful beds full of interesting plants from around the world.

Take time out in the garden
A women on a bench reading in the garden

Exotic and unusual

I really love the garden at Saltram because it's home to many exotic and unusual shrubs from all over the world. Many come into their own during summer, such as the flowering Hoheria, Eucryphia, lochroma and the huge tropical leaves of the Tetrapanax.

Tetrapanax papyrifer
Tetrapanax papyrifer

The garden is also home to a wide variety of Hydrangeas, from mop-heads to climbers, small trees to shrubs. Throughout summer they provide reliable splashes of colour across the garden.

Hydrangeas can be found around the garden in late summer
Hydrangea in blue

The Orange Grove

As well as being the summer home to our citrus trees, by late summer the secluded Orange Grove should be full of newly planted brightly coloured Dahlias. This will give it a real mix of the tropical and the Mediterranean. With the central pond full of waterlilies and wildlife it is the perfect place to sit and relax.

The Orange grove at Saltram
The Orange grove

What, no labels?

Did a plant catch your eye when you visited? Not sure what it was? We can help.

Email us and a member of our gardening team will let you know what it is.

Don’t forget to;

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